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AJ Rohe | Art of Family LawYour life is in turmoil like never before. Nothing is the way it was and nothing seems certain. What are you going to do? How are your kids going to handle this, and where will they be during the week? Will there ever be another “family vacation?” The best Oakland divorce lawyer can clearly explain how those decisions are made. There are terms to become familiar with, and the divorce attorney at Rohe Law will explain them.

Divorce can be qualified as one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. Finding the best divorce lawyer to represent your interests and help you through this difficult and often complex process should not add more stress to what you already feel. You need an experienced attorney; one who is willing and prepared to represent your divorce or paternity case to the court if needed.

The Day You Never Imagined

You never imagined divorce was in your future. When you were first married, there was no need for a divorce lawyer. Time went by and suddenly the day arrives—everything you worked for hangs in the balance and you need the best family divorce attorney you can find. You need one who will patiently listen and provide guidance as you work closely to map the tedious process ahead.

Often, divorced parents will eventually unite with a cohesive plan to best care for their children. When parents do not agree, a Judge will step in and dictate the terms of a parenting plan. Before this happens, you should truly have engaged with an experienced litigator—not just any lawyer—to represent your divorce or paternity case to the court.

Orange County Child Custody Lawyer | Divorce RepresentationWhen searching for an Oakland divorce lawyer, why settle for anyone other than the best and most experienced one you can find? Having a child custody lawyer by your side, one who knows the intricacies of parenting time and the impact on the child is essential. The time each parent spends with a child affects not only the parent-child relationship but the amount of child support that will be paid from one parent to the other. Why risk an outcome of such importance to just anyone? You should expect your Orange County attorney to be an experienced child custody lawyer. Rohe Law has the best custody lawyers Orange County parents have respected for years. 

What Happens to My Possessions?

A qualified Oakland divorce lawyer also manages the division of your possessions, debts and your liquid assets. This includes property, art, vehicles, collectibles, boats—right down to the wedding gifts. What was once “ours, your and mine” will be indexed along with bank accounts and individually categorized as marital or non-marital belongings. They may be assessed for their current value, and ultimately they will be divided. In this difficult process, you don’t want to have a new lawyer making recommendations. You want the best family law and Orange County divorce lawyer you can find. At Rohe Law, we are skilled at handling the division of your assets, be they bank or investment account, a business, or pension. Don’t just hire the attorney who can “fit you” into their schedule. You will be far better served with a team of family law attorneys that are surrounded by a skilled, qualified, and experienced staff of paralegals and legal assistants. That describes the team Attorney A.J. Rohe maintains at Rohe Law!

What about alimony? The answer is, it can continue until the recipient’s demise or remarriage. However, it can also be changed or sometimes, even overturned. Being unprepared to resolve alimony in the best way possible is inexcusable, and if you end up having an alimony decision that is unjust, it can impact your life for many years. This alone is reason enough to use our family law firm.

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Why Delay Another Day?

Make the best choice for yourself and hire the most qualified team you can. Lock-in experienced family law attorneys, supported by a highly-qualified staff of paralegals and legal assistants. The search can stop because this is the team you will find at Rohe Law! 

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