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Winter Garden divorce lawyer, A. J. Rohe leads a top team of family law attorneys.The calm, ordinary life you once knew has been suddenly ripped apart and seems out of your control. Everything that was in peaceful order is now in disarray and hurtling toward an outcome you feel you cannot predict. Work is a place of surreal refuge because home has become a battleground of words. Your children are your priority now and yet, you don’t know what to do to make things better. You need help, a plan, and someone with experience and confidence to guide you through this dark time. Finding the most competent Winter Garden divorce lawyer is the one thing you know you should do. You should call Rohe Law.

It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. The voice you will hear when you call will be encouraging, willing to listen. Our team of experienced attorneys and staff is prepared to help you. We understand how overwhelming a divorce can feel. We want you to have your peace back, and as unlikely as that might seem in the beginning, it is possible with good counsel. The “dream” of a happily-ever-after marriage may be ending but achieving a renewed sense of purpose woven into a life of meaning can be a goal well-worth seeking at this time. The Winter Garden divorce attorney with whom you work at Rohe Law will be your team captain, suggesting the best plays to attain that outcome.

It’s No Game to These Winter Garden Divorce Lawyers

The firm of Rohe Law is familiar with the “games” played in divorce. In truth, divorce is more akin to a battle with significant consequences. An expert in divorce, child custody and child support, A. J. Rohe has assembled his team of Winter Garden divorce lawyers to excel in managing positive outcomes. His deep experience has inspired him to share a comparison between the practice of Family Law and the ancient Chinese military text “The Art of War.” The practical philosophy that guides him has served countless clients and families over the years.

The reality of divorce is difficult to grasp for the participants. A seasoned divorce attorney keeps their head “above the water” and can explain the unfamiliar intricacies on the path to resolution. A Rohe Law divorce lawyer serving Winter Garden can explain issues like “parenting plans” and the implications of custody before they arrive.

Winter Garden divorce lawyer A.J. Rohe can help.The end of a marriage can be one of the most taxing times in one’s life. Finding the best divorce lawyer to work on your behalf and guide you through the process should give you peace of mind in the middle of a storm. You need one who is experienced, an attorney who is willing to represent your divorce or custody case to the court.

The Best Laid Plans…

Up to this point, your only “plan” was marriage. Sure, there are the usual challenges and needs for compromise, but a divorce requires a plan as well. The difference is, you don’t have a lifetime to work on it. You need the best divorce lawyer Winter Garden can offer and they need to be ready to hit the ground running, ready to work for you. In most cases, divorced parents will eventually agree to a schedule of how best to care for their children. However, when this is not the case, a judge will step in and dictate the terms of a parenting plan. Rohe Law attorneys know these situations intimately and will work to optimize strategies for the benefit of clients and their children.

The Rohe Law firm knows the law, as the top Winter Garden divorce lawyers should. It is imperative to have the best child custody lawyer by your side. There is no need to risk such an important process to chance, or worse, an inexperienced attorney. Is your attorney an experienced child custody lawyer? Rohe Law has the custody lawyers Winter Garden parents depend on for the best results. The amount of time a parent will have with a child affects not only a lifetime relationship but the amount of child support one will pay to the other.

Families need Winter Garden divorce lawyers from Rohe Law to keep their efforts focused on their children.

Yours, Mine and Ours?

Our divorce lawyers will also guide you in the division of assets, which can become nightmarish without good advice. Items that were held mutually may be scheduled on a list and divided based on current value. Assets like bank accounts and real estate are often where the largest monetary value resides and having the Rohe Law team beside you through this division is imperative. Simply put, you want the best family law and Winter Garden divorce attorney handling the division of your bank accounts, your investment account, your business, and your IRA or pension. If you base your decision on just the first attorney who can accommodate a visit, you may be disappointed. You will be best served to hire a team of family law attorneys assisted by qualified, seasoned, and highly skilled paralegals. That is what you’ll find at Rohe Law.

The subject of alimony is another hotly contested part of many divorces. The payment of alimony can continue until the recipient’s death or remarriage. It can also be changed or sometimes, even overturned. The cost of hiring anyone but the best can be steep. Overpaying one’s spouse in alimony or ending up with less than one deserves is the outcome of inexperience. This is what you avoid when using Rohe Law. Having the best Winter Garden divorce lawyer by your side can make a world of difference.

Don’t Delay Doing What Needs to Be Done

Change the course of your day by making the best decision you can right now. Make the commitment to hire the best legal team you can. A tight group of professionals, family law attorneys backed by a highly qualified staff of paralegals and legal assistants. The stability of your future is our highest priority, and we are trained to put divorce into its proper perspective for your benefit. Contact us today at Rohe Law!

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