Parental Rights

The recognition of a biological father as the legal parent of a child.

The first step in any paternity dispute is getting information. If you want to establish paternity or if you are involved in a paternity dispute, you want an attorney who will help you get accurate answers and protect your rights no matter what future might lie ahead. At the law offices of Rohe Law we represent men and women in central Florida who are involved in disputes over paternity and parental rights. Part of the legal concerns that are addressed in paternity suits typically include the right to spend time with the child or children, the right to make legal decisions regarding the child or children, and child support.

The establishment of paternity will have a major impact on your future. There are many avenues to explore in a paternity action:

Paternity - Parental Rights


  • Do I have a right to make decisions regarding the child?
  • How much support will be required?
  • Do I have to pay expenses?
  • Is a paternity test warranted?
  • What name will my child have?
  • What type of parenting plan/visitation will I have?