Newborn Private Placement

Adoption Attorneys -

We facilitate adoptions where adoptive parents have found a birth mother on their own (which is not unusual), or when an agency within or outside of Florida needs a Florida Attorney. Even when adoptive parents have found a birth mother on their own, adoption is a complicated area of law that must be navigated by an attorney who practices in that area.

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

Our office assists adoptive parents in interstate adoptions as either the sending or receiving “entity.” We are familiar with the ICPC process and strive to have approval from both sending and receiving states within 7-10 days of the child being placed with the adoptive parents.

Foster Care Adoptions

Once the Department of Children and Families Services has terminated parental rights, foster parents must have a private attorney finalize their adoption. The Department typically will refer you to an attorney, but you have the option of choosing your own attorney. I can finalize Foster Care Adoption as quickly as the court allows which is usually within in 2-3 weeks. I do not ask for any fees from the adoptive parents: I bill the state directly.

Step Parent and Relative Adoptions

In Florida, step parents and relatives within the 3rd degree (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings) do not need home studies. We will assist in the formal adoption of stepchildren and relatives, obtaining consent from the natural parent(s) or initiating termination of rights in cases of abandonment. Unlike non-relative or non-stepparent adoption, stepparent and relative adoption are substantially less costly.

Re-Adoption after International Adoptions

When adoptive parents return to the United States after their International Adoption is completed, many parents elect to “re-adopt” the child. Re-adoption is a relatively simple process of filing a petition along with certified copies of the documents from the foreign adoption. These are usually documents in the child’s native language with a translated copy. The primary objective of the Re-adoption is to obtain a Florida birth certificate. Although it is not necessary to have a Florida birth certificate, it does eliminate issues for the child in the future, i.e. school registration, driver’s license, passports, and insurance.