About A.J.

A.J. Rohe began practicing law in Lake County in 1997. His firm has multiple attorneys who focus on family law matters. The firm practices throughout Central Florida and has offices in Lake, Orange and Sumter counties. A.J. has for years taught a nearly daily, hour-long class to the entire firm of over 20 employees. He is constantly seeking more information to improve his skills and passes that knowledge on to the entire staff. A.J. graduated from Umatilla High School in 1988 and from the University of Florida in 1993. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1996 with honors. In addition to being a member of the Lake County Bar Association and Florida Bar Association, he has also been active with the Lake and Sumter County Inns of Court and did, for several years, serve on committees for the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar, as well as serving as co-chair on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. A large portion of Mr. Rohe’s service on the Support Issues Committee was focused on analyzing Florida case law involving alimony and legislation in other states involving alimony, and model alimony guidelines, in an effort to create a proposal for legislation creating Florida alimony guidelines. A.J. has taught civil procedure at the college level and volunteered for multiple years as a teen court judge. He also has multiple years on state committees dealing with proposed legislation affecting child support and division of assets and debts. He has argued before the Appellate Court and was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in 2009. A.J. and his wife Tiffany live in Yalaha. When A.J. is not practicing law, you may find him boating, motorcycling, enjoying off-road activities, and studying history and military tactics.