Collaborative Process

Amicably resolve your divorce in a cost-efficient manner.

Mutual Experts

Jointly elect third parties to help determine your rights and value of your property.

Final Judgment

Obtain a final judgment without the pain and heartache of litigation.


When a couple that is divorcing is willing to work together to resolve their issues in a calm and respectful manner without the need for court intervention, this is referred to as a collaborative divorce. During this type of divorce, the separating couple is able to work with trained professionals who are adept at mediating amicable divorce proceedings. Each spouse retains the services of an attorney who helps them settle the case outside of court. Each participant, attorneys included, sign a binding contract which is known as the Collaborative Agreement. With this agreement, all participants are required to interact respectfully, honestly, and with transparency.

After signing the binding agreement, all participants work collaboratively to solve any issues related to the divorce. In the event that issues cannot be resolved through this agreement, the clients are still able to go to court. However, their attorneys are not able to go along with them. This removes any chance of one of the attorneys interfering in a settlement arrangement since no additional monetary gain would ensue. In addition, this creates more of an incentive for all parties to resolve the divorce collaboratively without the risk of financial loss.


A collaborative agreement results in a more peaceful environment that engenders honesty, creativity, openness, respect, cooperation, and courtesy. During the process, each person learns imaginative ways to solve their concerns in a manner that is beneficial for all parties. In addition, the process improves the ability of each spouse to co-parent through the building of skills like communication and trust.