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You Need the Best Divorce Lawyer That You Can Find

Are you about to be in the fight of your life? Is everything precious to you uncertain at this time? Who will your children live with? How often will each of you see them? A great divorce lawyer can explain to you how those issues are usually dealt with. What is commonly referred to as custody is now resolved with a document called a parenting plan. You want the best divorce lawyer you can find to guide you through this process. While most often parents eventually agree on how the children will be dealt with, (Assisted by the best child custody lawyer they can find), a Judge decides when the parents cannot come to an agreement. You should find an experienced litigator to present your divorce or paternity case to the court. Is the attorney you are considering hiring an experienced child custody attorney? Rohe Law has many custody lawyers. The amount of timesharing each parent gets, affects the amount of child support one will pay the other.

A divorce lawyer will also deal with the division of all your assets and debts. Everything you or your spouse own must be identified, classified as either marital or non-marital, valued and divided. Do you want the best family law attorneys you can find handling the disposition of your life savings, your business, your investments, and your retirement, or will you just go to the one who can fit you in their schedule first, or who charges the least? Wouldn’t you rather have a team of experienced family law attorneys surrounded by a qualified, experienced, and highly-trained staff of paralegals and legal assistants? That is the type of team Attorney A.J. Rohe has assembled at Rohe Law!

Alimony can continue until death or remarriage of the recipient. It can also sometimes be defeated. The price one pays by not getting the best alimony firm they can find is immense. Will you overpay your spouse in alimony if you do not use Rohe Law? Will you not receive enough alimony if you do not use our family law firm? Schedule a consultation at one of our family law offices located near you throughout Central Florida!

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Family law does not just involve divorces. Our lawyers can handle…

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Continual Training With a Family Law Focus

A.J. Rohe has decided to keep the focus of their firm on family law so they can stay on the cutting edge of new developments regarding families. The Rohe Law firm holds almost daily classes for the entire firm. All our offices video-conference together for the purpose of education and skill improvement.

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Our goal is to be able to provide insight and advice regarding your family, your assets and debts, your future! We strive to be the best family law attorneys we can be and to give you great value for your hard-earned money. We explore options with our clients and discuss the possible pros and cons of each option as well as provide estimated costs, timelines, and present a well-thought-through strategy. Then you, the client, can decide which course will most likely increase the odds of you getting a positive return on your investment in your chosen divorce lawyer and our top legal team.

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