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One of the best Lake County Divorce Lawyers is A. J. Rohe.Your life has just been turned upside down. Everything that is dear to you seems beyond your control. Where will your children live? When and for how long will each of you spend time with them? A great Tavares divorce lawyer can explain to you how those decisions are made. What you may be familiar with as custody is now structured formally and labeled a “parenting plan.” Divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Finding the best divorce lawyer to represent and guide you through this taxing process should not add to the stress you already feel. You need an experienced attorney who is willing to represent your divorce or paternity case to the court.

The Future You Didn’t Plan On

You never had a “divorce plan,” so now you want—and need—the best divorce lawyer you can find. You need one who will guide you and work closely with you throughout the process. Most of the time, divorced parents will at some point agree with a plan on how to best care for their children. If parents cannot agree on one together, a Judge will intervene and dictate the terms of a parenting plan. In this situation, you truly need an experienced litigator to present your divorce or paternity case to the court. A.J. Rohe knows the law, as the best Tavares divorce lawyer should.But why not simply have the best child custody lawyer by your side? Why risk such an important outcome to chance? Is your attorney an experienced child custody lawyer? Rohe Law has the custody lawyers Lake County parents have counted on and respect. The amount of time each parent gets with a child will affect not only a parent-child relationship but also the amount of child support one will pay the other.

What’s Mine Is Yours?

A divorce lawyer also handles the division of your debts as well as your assets. What was once held together will be scheduled and itemized individually, categorized as marital or non-marital belongings, assessed for current value, and divided. In this process, you want the best family law and Tavares divorce lawyer handling the division of your bank accounts, your investment account, your business, and your IRA or pension. Don’t just hire the one who can get you into their office first or one who says they charge the least. Wouldn’t you be better-served having a team of family law attorneys surrounded by a qualified, experienced, and highly-skilled staff of paralegals and legal assistants? That is the type of team Attorney A.J. Rohe has assembled at Rohe Law!
Alimony can persist until the recipient’s death or remarriage. It can also be amended or sometimes, even defeated. The cost of not hiring the best alimony firm can be unfathomable. Do you want to overpay your spouse in alimony? Of course not, but if you end up doing so, you probably didn’t use Rohe Law. Could you end up with less alimony than you deserve if you do not use our family law firm?  Hiring the best Tavares Divorce Lawyer can make all the difference.

Why Wait for the Next Bad Call?

Make the easy choice to hire the best team you can. Team with experienced family law attorneys, backed by a seasoned and highly-qualified staff of paralegals and legal assistants. This is precisely the team you will find assembled at Rohe Law!  Schedule a consultation with one of our Tavares divorce lawyers at our office at 201 West Main Street, or at any of our other locations in Central Florida.

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