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Your life is suddenly in turmoil and all that is important feels threatened. You may not be able to save the life you knew, but what should you do to preserve the life that remains ahead? How will you kids be handled and who is going to be making “big decisions” that will impact their lives? Are you going to be allowed to be the parent you aspire to be? An experienced Bushnell divorce attorney is the place to turn for good advice and guidance during this tumultuous time. You need to know what lies ahead and how major decisions will be made.

After the separation, the best divorce attorney Sumter County can provide would be your best next step.You once parented your children nonstop. Every minute was dedicated to their upbringing. Now you have heard your time with your own children will be limited to what someone else believes is in their best interest. How do you live with something called a “parenting plan,” and who will create this plan?

Divorce is no easy journey for many couples. It can be disruptive emotionally, professionally and socially, but most of all, it puts unfamiliar stress on a person’s life. Locating and retaining the best Bushnell divorce attorney to guide and represent you through this tangled process should bring confidence, not added stress. The divorce attorney you need is one with experience before a judge—the real front line of law—an attorney who is willing to understand and deliver your divorce or paternity case to the court.

The Complexity of Uncertainty

As a married couple or parent, your future plans probably didn’t include divorce. That was yesterday, but today you need help—you need the best divorce lawyer you can find. One who will work closely with you and guide you throughout the process. Everyone desires a positive outcome for all. Couples usually want the best for their children. However, if parents cannot agree or compromise, a Judge will intervene and define the terms of a parenting plan. When this happens, it is too risky to stand with an experienced litigator at your side, confidently presenting your divorce or paternity case to the court.

Known throughout Sumter County, divorce lawyer A. J. Rohe heads one of the most trusted firms in Central Florida.Why not have the best child custody lawyer representing your best interests? There is, frankly, no explanation for leaving this important outcome to chance. Retain an attorney that is experienced in child custody law. Rohe Law has the child custody lawyers Sumter County parents have trusted for years. Parenting time is just one important aspect settled during a divorce; it will affect not only a parent-child relationship but also the amount of child support one will pay the other.

Who Gets What?

Your Rohe divorce lawyer will skillfully handle the allocation of your assets and debts. What was once owned together will be scheduled and divided, categorized as marital or non-marital possessions, assigned a current value, and distributed. During this often-emotional time, have the best family law and Bushnell divorce attorney oversee the division of your cash accounts,  investment account, even your retirement accounts like IRAs or pensions. This is not the time to be wondering where your lawyer is, or how much experience they might have in this process. It is far more comforting to have a seasoned team of family law attorneys backed by qualified, experienced, and highly-skilled paralegals to handle things accurately. That is exactly the kind of group Attorney A.J. Rohe has formed at Rohe Law!

Alimony and division of assets warrants the best divorce attorney you can find. Alimony is a word that can bring about a distinct reaction. It can continue until the recipient’s death or remarriage. It can also be altered or even defeated, too. The penalty of not hiring the best alimony law firm can be long and regrettable. If alimony is warranted, it should be fairly calculated from the beginning. If it isn’t, you probably didn’t use Rohe Law. No party in a divorce wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of, and the unfortunate ones who do typically hired a divorce lawyer who was not sufficiently skilled in family law. 

Why Delay Any Longer?

You know the direction this is headed. Why avoid the best decision you can make under the circumstances? Hire the best team you can. Team with experienced and trusted family law attorneys, backed by a skilled and qualified staff of paralegals and legal assistants. This is the moment—and the right choice to make. Contact Rohe Law!  Schedule a consultation with Rohe Law Bushnell divorce attorney at our office located at 219 North Market Street, Bushnell, or at any of our other locations in Central Florida.

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